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Preparing for post stay at home dad life

Excitement and fear. These are two emotions I feel right now. It’s partly a middle age thing but also a stay-at-home dad thing. My kids are growing up and getting to a point where I can plan for the future and, career wise, do something entirely different with my life. This is both exciting and

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Dr Parvinder Shergill of Daddy Blues
Dadbloguk Q&A

Talking Daddy Blues with Parvinder Shergill

A little while ago I recorded a podcast with well-known mental health campaigner Mark Williams. In the final few minutes, we got on to talking a film that was being of his mental health journey called Daddy Blues. Typical of Mark’s style, he just casually mentioned there was a deal in place to distribute the

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GCSE maths: Fourth time lucky

Relief. That’s what I feel right now: Okay, also quite excited. Why so? Well, as with many households across the land I have today received my GCSE results.

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