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News and opinion about family finances. Also hints and tips about how to manage finances and what you should be considering as a mum or dad.

Shared Parental Leave is four years old and reform is on the cards

Bake a cake and put out the bunting. Shared parental Leave (SPL), the family-friendly policy that allows parents to share 50 weeks of leave when a child is born, is four years old today! At some point in the near future, there could be a second reason to celebrate as the leave may get a much-needed shake up.

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L-R, Jo Swinson MP and Lib Dem Deputy Leader, HanSon Lee of DaddiLife and I. Rarely do people look at me with such interest when I talk.
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Advice for parents about life insurance with RoosterMoney #ad

RoosterMoney may be well known for its app that encourages good financial habits in children, but it also provides a lot of advice for parents. The company doesn’t shy away from awkward subjects too, such as life insurance.

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RoosterMoney: Not just an app to encourage good financial habits in children, but also a source of help for parents.
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Water conservation: A further way to save money and the environment

When we moved to our new house, I had a concern about my family’s ability to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In many respects it would be easier as we were moving from a property that was almost 100 years old to a very modern house with a very high energy rating. When it came to water conservation, however, I was concerned things might no be quite so easy.

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Using water sensibly and sparingly doesn’t just save the environment, it saves your family money.
Pic credit: Pan Xiaozhen on Unsplash.

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Hero Dad: The importance of having life insurance

Some time ago I had a meeting with a financial adviser. At the time I didn’t have life insurance and hadn’t had any in place for quite some time. I knew this was a wrong that needed correcting and after making a few calculations, the financial adviser put forward a very strong argument for getting a policy in place as soon as possible.

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Life insurance: A selfless gift you can give your family.

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Can you help your children with their maths homework?

I did something a little out of the ordinary the other day. While taking part in a live television broadcast discussing maths homework, I admitted one of my greatest regrets.

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L-R Joanna Gosling, who was presenting the Victoria Derbyshire show, mathematics enthusiast and teacher Bobby Seagull and me, telling the world how badly I did in my GCSE maths exams.

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