Some of my better photographs, often shared via the #MySundayPhoto linky.

A rainbow rose to mark Valentine’s Day

I confess I don’t generally make a big thing of Valentine’s Day. There was, however, no escape when I went shopping with my daughters Helen and Izzy a couple of days ago. They saw this rainbow rose in among the Valentine’s bouquets and they insisted I buy it.

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I don’t tend to ‘go large’ on Valentine’s Day, but I felt this picture of a rainbow rose was worth sharing to mark the occasion.
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Brighton’s West Pier: One photo, two edits

This week has been all about photography. In addition to attending the Bedrooms Of London photography exhibition, I spent a day in Brighton with Darren Coleshill of the Photalife blog. Together we strolled around the Marina, sea font and city centre with our cameras. It was during our time together I took this image of what remains of Brighton’s iconic West Pier, which was destroyed by fire in 2003.

West Pier, Brighton's West Pier, West Pier Brighton, Brighton Beach, Brighton Sea Front, dadbloguk, uk dad blogger, uk dad blog,
A long-exposure image of Brighton’s West Pier taken using an 10-stop ND filter.
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Sunset over the Weald of Kent

I recently wrote on my Facebook page that photography is: “50% resourcefulness, 45% patience and 5% skill.” This photograph as the sun set over the Weald of Kent definitely proves the patience part!

Weald of Kent, drone photography, drone photo, DJI Phantom, photography, photo fun, dadbloguk,, dadbloguk, uk dad blogger,
Using my drone, I managed to capture this image of the Weald of Kent at the very moment the sun dipped behind the horizon.
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The Square Mile, with added colour

This photograph of London’s Square Mile nearly didn’t happen. It was taken in the early afternoon and despite the fact I had post-school childcare in place for my daughters, I was keen to get home as quickly as I could to spend time with them. I had spent much of the day shooting photos and I wasn’t particularly bothered about taking any more.

City of London, Square mile, London, River Thames, OXO Tower, 20 Fenchurch Street, Walkie Talkie, Leadenhall Buiding, The Cheesegrater, Blackfriars Railway Bridge, Blackfriars bridge, dadbloguk, dad blog uk,, sahd, wahd, uk dad blogger, Gaussian Blur
The Square Mile in London, photographed from a jetty at the foot of the OXO Tower.
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An accidental photography tutorial using light painting techniques

Here’s a photographic tutorial about light painting. This is a technique that involves using a long-exposure time to photograph a moving light source. Before I go on, it wasn’t my intention to create an image like this. It came about by accident and I wasn’t even sure about keeping this shot until my eldest daughter told me she thought it looked “cool”.

light painting, painting with light, long exposure, long exposure times, photography tutorial, light painting tutorial, dadbloguk,, uk dad blogger, school run dad, sahd, wahd
A photograph I took using light painting techniques…although I was meant to be taking a completely different image!
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