Some of my better photographs, often shared via the #MySundayPhoto linky.

Combining multiple photographs using Photoshop

I felt it would be fitting to mark Easter with a colourful, floral photograph. What you see here is a collection of five different pictures. Merging photographs this way was straightforward, although it did take a bit of time.

multiple photographs, combind photographs, Happy Easter, Easter, floral photography, dadbloguk, dad blog, Gebera Jamesonii, Barbeton Daisy
It seemed fitting to post a colourful flower to celebrate Easter. This is several different images a bouquet layered on top of each other.
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The Shard emerges from the mist

Over recent weeks I’ve showcased photographs that had been heavily reworked using Photoshop. On this occasion, things are a bit different. Pictured here emerging from the mist is The Shard in London. I’ve photographed The Shard many times, but I think this is the most dramatic image I have taken of this famous London landmark.

The Shard, black and white, London, London Scenes, The Shard London, uk dad blog,, photography, photograph
The Shard in London. I have photographed this landmark many times but felt this picture of it emerging from the mist was quite dramatic.
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Playing with textures in Photoshop (and reminiscing about 35mm film)

As you can maybe tell from looking at the picture below, I’ve become a little obsessed with Photoshop. I’ve whiled away many hours experimenting and learning new photo editing skills.

Photoshop, textures, texture, 35mm film, 35mm camera film,  photography, photoediting skills, dadbloguk, uk dad blog, photography, rose
An image of a rose merged with a brick wall backdrop. The trick was to retain the texture of the rose.
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City of London, Inception style!

Over the past week, I have spent a massive amount of time using Photoshop. I’ve been doing all sorts of crazy things using the software, often late into the night. This edited image of the City of London, inspired by the film Inception, was great fun to produce.

Inception, City of London, photo edit, photography, photo edit, Photoshop, City of London, City of London at night, dadbloguk, uk dad blog, dad blog, MySundayPhoto
Inspired by the film Inception, I’ve re-edited this old photograph of the City of London!
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Learning through play with Photoshop!

The arrival of daffodils has to be the ultimate sign spring has arrived and I have been passing them in large numbers every day while on the school run. I had a few different ideas for photographing them but thought the close grouping of these flowers would give the chance to hone an editing skill that has long alluded me: Changing an object’s colour!

Photoshop, editing, daffodil, daffodils, photography, fun photo, fun photograph, dadbloguk, uk dad blog,
My Photoshop experiment. If you saw daffodils like this at the side of the road, you would stop and take a closer look, wouldn’t you?
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