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Family Life & parenting

Fun with Moredig projector lights #ad

Just last night I had to deal with lights, noise and excited children. No, I wasn’t collecting my kids from a school disco, they were simply very excited to be playing with a couple of projector lights from Moredig. Better still, Dadbloguk readers can use a code to get money off the lights (details below).

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Family finances

My name’s John and I am a hoarder

How much of a hoarder are you? Are you one of those people who keeps stuff “just in case” you might need it, or do you prefer to have the space and get rid of anything and everything you don’t need at the earliest opportunity? I didn’t think I was much of a hoarder, but

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Dadbloguk Q&A

Mental Health and Wellbeing festival: Q&A with Beyond’s Louisa Rose

There’s a strong argument to say youth mental health services were struggling prior to the COVID pandemic. The past couple of years has seen demand for mental health services rocket upwards. How are schools and parents supposed to cope with this? Youth mental health charity Beyond has recognised this need and will shortly be holding

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The gap year: Good idea or bad?

There’s been much discussion in my household recently about a rather random subject: Is there value in young people taking a gap year before going into further or higher education?

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Days out and travel

Dr Who Time Fracture immersive performance #ad

“What’s the best way to assassinate somebody?” asked Brian the Ood. It wasn’t a question I was expecting to be asked, especially by a space alien wearing a dinner jacket, but hey, I knew this Dr Who immersive performance was going to have some random moments.

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