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Demystifying Teens Online Interactions

Here’s a question for you: How much time do you spend online with your children? What if I told you some new research carried out by Roblox and Internet Matters has found some teenagers actively want to spend time online with their mums and dads?

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Family Life & parenting

Infographic: Age ratings for popular social media and messaging apps

Do you know what the minimum recommended user age is for Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram? This is an issue that often confuses parents. The best-known app stores frequently have one age rating, while the developers who create the app recommend a different age. To help mums and dads, I’ve had this infographic created. It shows

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Book cover of Digital for GOod by Richard Culatta
Book reviews

Reviewed: Digital For Good by Richard Culatta

Digital For Good starts with an interesting observation. Us parents grew up in the physical world. Our children, meanwhile, are growing up in both the physical and online worlds. It’s up to us mums and dads to help them learn about these worlds and navigate them.

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Ofsted: Sexual harassment has become normalised in schools

Sexual harassment has been “normalised” in schools and colleges. This is the horrifying conclusion of Ofsted’s newly published report into harassment in the education system. This has to be a damming indictment of the impact of social media and messaging apps on the present generation of young people as the report shows much of this

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