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I’m John Adams and welcome to my award-winning blog.

Since 2011 I’ve been the main carer for my two daughters and run the household while my wife has worked full-time. This blog tells our story. You can find out more about us here.

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5 Critical Car Tyre Maintenance Tips For Busy Dads

Whether you are a dad who is running his kids from Dunfermline to Dundee for a sports meeting or a father who needs to drive his children from London to Birmingham for a comic book convention, for example, there can be little doubt that family cars often come in for quite a lot of punishment.

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What parents need to know about Rocket League

If your kids spend more than a few hours a week gaming, there’s a good chance they’ve encountered Rocket League by now. This action-packed title is a fairly unique game in that it blends soccer with vehicular carnage. Generally speaking, this game is suitable for most age groups, but parents are advised to read up

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Home Improvement

Owning Your First Home: 5 Things You Need To Know

Owning your own home is a huge step; it is a milestone in every person’s life. However, with homeownership comes a number of responsibilities. In a rental property, you would have had maintenance covered for you. With your own home, this responsibility falls to you. You will need to have access to your own pool

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Buying my first car: What I Wish I Knew #AD

Thinking about my first car brings back happy memories. It was a Volkswagen Derby that cost £30. . . but needed a couple of hundred quid spending on it to get it through its MOT. Once it did pass its MOT, that vehicle and I were inseparable.

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Family technology

Reviewed: Edifier R1280DB Bluetooth speakers #AD

Having started studying for a degree last year, my life has become a cycle. Every six weeks or so I have to produce and complete two assignments. I recently completed another cycle of assignments and as I worked on them, two things became constant features in my life: Strong coffee and the sound of techno

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