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I’m John Adams and welcome to my award-winning blog. Since 2011 I’ve been the main carer for my two daughters and run the household while my wife has worked full-time. This blog tells our story. You can find out more about us here.

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Parenting with anxiety

I’m sure we all known individuals who are parenting with anxiety. I can think of numerous people who are living with anxiety while also raising children, some with a diagnosed condition, others who haven’t sought help. What was once called “nerves” and swept under the carpet is spoken about more freely and a greater range

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Family Life & parenting

Demystifying Teens Online Interactions

Here’s a question for you: How much time do you spend online with your children? What if I told you some new research carried out by Roblox and Internet Matters has found some teenagers actively want to spend time online with their mums and dads?

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Family Life & parenting

Padel: What you need to know about this family-friendly sport #Ad

It can sometimes be difficult to get children engaging with a new sport. There are so many other distractions, most of them involving screens, that youngsters can be resilient to try something that involves being active. If this does apply to you and your family, there’s a sport called Padel that your kids might find

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Family finances

What parents need to know about divorce

Divorce is never a pleasant subject to address but it’s a reality and it has to be faced. This begs the question of what separating couples need to keep in mind if they have children. I have been speaking with Grainne Fahy, Head of Family Law at legal firm BLM to find out what parents

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