Teenagers, puberty & periods

Our children haven’t quite reached the teenage years, but sometimes it feels like we’re already there! Here are some posts about our expectations of raising teenagers and dealing with puberty, plus issues such as periods.

A Dad’s Guide to Periods #Pads4Dads

You might think that, being a man, I have never used a sanitary pad. Well, you’d be wrong. It happened once and the circumstances were a little unfortunate to say the least.

The Dad’s Guide to Periods that’s been produced by Hey Girls.
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The fear of embarrassing my children

My journey as a father has reached an interesting point. What’s the issue? Well, I live in perpetual fear of embarrassing my children.

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Now my children are slightly older, I live in fear of embarrassing them. Doing the school run dressed like a clown, for instance, would be a definite no-no.
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Sharing a bedroom: All good things come to an end.

“When you have your own bedrooms,” said Mrs Adams to our daughters Helen and Izzy, “things are going to change.”

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This is frequently my response when I walk into my kids’ bedroom.

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Raising girls my way, and hoping I’m doing the right thing

Living with a wife and two daughters, I am the only man in our household. Not that you needed telling this, the mathematics really isn’t too difficult.

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No this isn’t my daughter, but the hairdresser’s mannequin we bought to make up for my ineptitude at styling hair.

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Having the #TeenTalk, with help from Gabby Logan

In theory, it’s going to be a good few years until my daughters hit their teenaged years and puberty. In reality I know it’s going to come around very quickly and Mrs Adams and I, like other mums and dads, will be very grateful of all the help we can get.

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Helen and I with TV presenter and former gymnast Gabby Logan discussing teenagers, puberty and how to talk about such issues with your children.

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