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Men's Style / grooming

Living Well with Very: Men’s clothing range #AD

As the summer holidays near and we slowly transition out of lockdown, I’ve noticed something interesting: We’re using the family calendar again! Whether it be visiting friends for a barbecue or drinks in the pub, we’re getting out and about a bit more. Over the past 16 months, I’ve hardly bought any new clothes and

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Family Life & parenting

Round Two: Latest ToppBox selection #AD

For all you men’s grooming aficionados, here is my latest review of the ToppBox men’s grooming service. This is the second of a two part review and this time ToppBox has sent me a very varied range of items, one of which was a complete stroke of genius.

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Men-ü skincare review

“Your skin looks radiant,” said Mrs Adams as I emerged from the bathroom. This is not the kind of compliment I am used to receiving from my wife and not the kind of compliment she gives with ease, so I was somewhat taken aback to say the least.

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