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Male infertility and The Fertility Podcast

What can a man do to improve his fertility? Why is the focus of such discussions usually on women? Why is male infertility a taboo subject for many? What’s it like to be a woman and told your partner has fertility issues? I’m delighted to publish this blog post, authored by Natalie Silverman who produces The Fertility Podcast.

Natalie tackles all these issues in this post. I feel this is such a vital subject and one that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, so please do have a read, listen to some episodes of the podcast and if you know someone affected by these issues, please share the post.

Natalie Silverman, the woman behind the Fertility Podcast with her son. She wants YOU to think about fertility. 
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Male infertility; would you talk about it?

I can only think of one conversation I’ve had with a man experiencing fertility issues. It was a brief discussion. Considering the guy was a stereotypical, football-mad, successful, driven, hard drinking bloke, it was, nonetheless, an open conversation.

A new survey into the subject of male infertility shows this chap was something of a rarity. Released to coincide with National Fertility Awareness Week (2-8 November, 2015), the survey of 2,000 men has found us guys have real trouble discussing the issue. What’s possibly more worrying is a general ignorance to towards what causes infertility. View Post

‘Pioneering Stories About Men and Boys’ book launch

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A picture of the book itself; Pioneering Stories About Men and Boys. It is a superb collection of essays on issues affecting men/boys and I’m proud to have contributed myself.

I feel honoured to have contributed to an amazing book called Pioneering Stories about Men and Boys. The book, which has just been launched, is a collection of essays from a very diverse and talented range of writers.

The book was collated and edited by Glen Poole and Dan Bell, the dynamic duo behind the InsideMAN website. Its aim is to shed light on a masculinity and a number of issues that affect men. View Post