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Male infertility and The Fertility Podcast

What can a man do to improve his fertility? Why is the focus of such discussions usually on women? Why is male infertility a taboo subject for many? What’s it like to be a woman and told your partner has fertility issues? I’m delighted to publish this blog post, authored by Natalie Silverman who produces

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Male infertility; would you talk about it?

I can only think of one conversation I’ve had with a man experiencing fertility issues. It was a brief discussion. Considering the guy was a stereotypical, football-mad, successful, driven, hard drinking bloke, it was, nonetheless, an open conversation. A new survey into the subject of male infertility shows this chap was something of a rarity.

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‘Pioneering Stories About Men and Boys’ book launch

I feel honoured to have contributed to an amazing book called Pioneering Stories about Men and Boys. The book, which has just been launched, is a collection of essays from a very diverse and talented range of writers. The book was collated and edited by Glen Poole and Dan Bell, the dynamic duo behind the

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