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Neos Smartcam review: A cost-effective way to improve home security?

Some months ago, we recruited a cat sitter to look after the family pet when we went to visit family in Scotland. I told her not to be alarmed, but that we had a smartcam in the house. She remarked that every house she went to these days was equipped with them and she was often told not to worry about them. She wasn’t be spied on, they were there simply there to deter and catch any burglars!

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The Neos Smartcam: A cost-effective way of improving the security of your family home.
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Scaffold towers: Ideal for home improvement and maintenance tasks

I have never been a huge fan of undertaking DIY tasks that involve working at heights. Now I am a father and, I can’t deny it, getting older, I get increasingly nervous about climbing ladders.

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Scaffold towers aren’t just for professional construction workers. they have uses around the home when you need to do improvement or maintenance work.
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Improved home security with Philips Hue lighting

A short while ago we experienced an attempted break-in. Luckily it was foiled by our secure back doors, but I think part of the reason our house looked so tempting was because we had no working security lights. With winter getting ever closer, and the nights getting longer, I have looked at the Philips Hue lighting system to see how it could help make our home more secure.

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The Philips Hue lighting system. Could it help improve your home security?

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Using a Patlock to improve home security

If you are a regular reader of Dadbloguk, you’ll know we recently moved house. When moving into our new place, I saw an opportunity to improve our home security.

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The Patlock, a very simple way to improve your home security if you have French doors.

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Unhappy memories of Japanese knotweed

As we prepare to move house as a family, my mind has, from time to time, drifted to previous house moves. My first-ever house purchase was notable for many reasons but one in particular stands out; the threat of Japanese Knotweed.

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Japanese knotweed. A dreadfully invasive plant that almost made it into my old garden garden. Pic credit: Kenneth Allen. Copyright and used under Creative Commons agreement.

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