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The NextBase 522GW: A dash cam that talks! #AD

I’ve used and reviewed many dash cams, but the Nextbase 522GW is the first one I’ve ever used that you can talk to. This bad boy, the highest spec of Nextbase’s Series 2 range of products, boasts some very impressive features, among them the ability to have a conversation. It gets better as an exclusive

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Family Life & parenting

Packed lunches MadeGood #ad

We were sat inside, eating our MadeGood granola bars. Our plan had been to go for a picnic but the weather had other ideas and it was throwing it down.

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Risk for university Students with Asthma #ad

Every parent of a first-year student can relate to the nagging concern that their child isn’t taking care of their own health. It explains the food parcels, the multi-vitamins posted special delivery and the strict instructions not to drink too much, sleep plenty and phone home when stressed. For most parents, there’s little need for

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