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Turning the spare bedroom into a home office

Are you thinking of making the transition to home working permanent?  If so, you’re probably considering creating a home office. To create your new home office, you could go as far as adding an extension, installing windows, putting down new floors and buying office furniture. But the reality for most of us is far from

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Safety Tips For Your Family Car #AD

Most modern family vehicles are equipped with a raft of safety features. Although all cars need to be fitted with basic safety systems, such as hazard warning lights and seatbelts, family cars will usually have many more safety functions that are designed to keep drivers, passengers and other road users safe. That said, you cannot

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Experimental photography in lockdown

Most weeks I would produce a photography-focused post for this blog of mine. The opportunities to get out and do something creative with my camera have been seriously limited by the lockdown and so I am posting this experimental photograph which I took back in December.

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