Balancing family and life as a stand up comedian: Q&A with Tiernan Douieb

I’ve always been curious as to how performance artists balance work and family life. I’ve often wondered if its easier or harder than working nine to five. In my latest Dadbloguk Q&A, I speak to stand up comedian, husband and father Tiernan Douieb to find out how he does it.

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How does a stand-up comic balance family with life as a performer? Tiernan Douieb explains how he does it in this Q&A. Pic credit: Gary Jones
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Can a daddy blog support a family of five?

Over the the past couple of months I have been publishing interviews with fathers who have achieved better work / life balance by starting their own businesses. I purposefully decided not to feature individuals from the blogging world (a bit too close to home) but today I am breaking my own rule. I’m delighted to be speaking with Tom Briggs who writes the Diaryofthedad blog.

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Tom Briggs takes a break from writing his multi-award winning blog to take a stroll along the beach with his offspring.

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Tablet technology; great for balancing work and family life

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Tablet and all in one devices have been great for people like me, allowing us to work from home and combine this with our family commitments.

Blogging has been a great for me. Although I never intended things to work out this way when I started Dadbloguk, it’s enabled me to establish my own business and develop a new career that I can fit around both my children and family commitments.

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The guilt of the non working parent

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Okay, things aren’t quite this bad in our household, but you get the idea. Pic credit below.

My youngest daughter has reached a point where she is much more self-aware and increasingly understands the world around her. This has manifested itself in a way that breaks my heart and makes me feel a little guilty as a non working parent.

This is a topsy-turvy family. My wife, Gill, works full time while I run the household and do most of the childcare. This means that each morning, if they’re awake, the kids wave mummy out the door as she heads off to the office. View Post