Day: May 13, 2013

Drink at children’s parties, yea or nay?

Let me get straight to the point; what is the etiquette on drinking booze at a child’s party? Over the past few years I’ve been to quite a few parties with my children but it still baffles me. I recently attended a birthday party where beer and wine had been laid on for the parents.

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Dad’s place? In the delivery room!

You’re about to be a dad? Congratulations, life is about to change in many ways. You’re probably wondering what to expect in the delivery room. I could also take a very good guess that you’re nervous, anxious and quite possibly terrified. What I’ve written here is based solely on my personal experiences in the delivery

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Transcript: Twitter Q&A with Gov Minister Jo Swinson

In case you missed it, I took part in a live twitter interview with Employment relations Minister Jo Swinson. The Q&A, which was held on 5 February, coincided with the publication of the Children and Families Bill. Amongst other things the Bill includes:

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Twitter Q&A with Government Minister Jo Swinson

I’m delighted to reveal that I will be taking part in a twitter Q&A with Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson. The subject of the Q&A will be shared parental leave and this event will take place on Tuesday, 5 February at 2.30pm. To follow the Q&A, follow the hashtag #parents and the twitter accounts @bisgovuk

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Dad’s money is as good as mum’s

Figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal there are more stay at home fathers in the UK since records began in 1993. The ONS believes 10% of fathers are in this position. That equates to 227,000 men and represents a rise of 19,000 in just one year. Put another way, this healthy

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