Day: May 13, 2013

Men Can Do It!

The real reason dads don’t do childcare and when men and women should do about it This is a fascinating book that explores why men in the twenty first century still lag well behind women in the amount of childcare they do. In equal measures Men Can Do It! is educational, informative and inflammatory.

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Munchkin UK Powdered Forumla Dispenser

This is one of those products I’d always wanted but just never got around to buying. It’s very simple; a container with three compartments that you can store milk formula in. You simply measure the formula milk before you go out for the day and off you trot; no need to take a bulky tub

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The serenity of chickenpox

This is an article I wrote for an old blog back in 2011. I stumbled across it on a USB stick the other day and rather liked it so here it is again, repeated for your pleasure. The little one fell asleep on me a few minutes ago. It was one of those serene parental

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Making childcare appeal to men

I’m a bit slow off the mark to comment on this subject, but I am wondering if the Government’s proposals for childcare might include a little nugget that we should applaud. Before I launch into this subject, let me make clear that I’m against plans to increase childcare ratios.

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New and Improved

Thanks for visiting the redesigned Dadbloguk.com! This revamp has been on the cards for a while and so I’m delighted to present it to the world. Amongst other changes, you’ll see me making much better use of images and I’ve also expanded into the realm of product reviews and sponsored posts.

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