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Kept man or stay at home dad? You decide.

When I am quizzed about my life as a stay at home father, there’s a question I invariably face. The words may vary a little, but the question remains the same: “What’s it like being financially dependent on your wife?”

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Shock horror! The rise of the breadwinning woman

I’ve just returned from a holiday in Portugal with the family. While out there, I casually checked my mobile phone one day and discovered I had a missed call from a number I didn’t recognise. I could have ignored it if I was at home, but when I get such calls on holiday I always

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The perceived emasculation of stay at home dads

I feel compelled to address an issue that affects us stay at home fathers; our perceived emasculation. It’s something I’m occasionally asked about and having read a dreadful comment elsewhere on the subject, I feel the time is right to respond. The comment was in this article on the Guardian website. It was written by

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