An Easter treasure chest

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This Mini Creation is a treasure chest made by Helen, aged five. What you can’t see on the top is a key hole where the chest can be locked tightly shut.

Despite it being the school holidays, we decided we needed to do some writing practice and the text we wrote is the treasure currently hidden inside. We’re not too sure about the pizza sticker, although apparently it makes the chest look “pretty” and who are the grown ups to disagree?

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The key was made by daddy. It’s made of cardboard and replaces the original key which was made of paper. Unfortunately the first key was involved in a terminal incident with the belt in Helen’s car seat, hence why it had to be replaced.

Having made the treasure chest, we’re now making a Super Hero Control Panel. Who knows, maybe this will be next week’s Mini Creation?










2 thoughts on “An Easter treasure chest”

  1. Lucas says – MEGA AWESOME mini creations – love the idea of a treasure chest. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post the Super Hero Control Panel – I’ll be your best friend!!!!
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

  2. Treasure Chests are brilliant. I once kept a table full of boys entertained by making treasure chests with them. I had to find some treasure afterwards, but it was well worth it.
    Sorry to hear about the key – I can imagine the crying and heartbreak that occurred with such a terrible tragedy.. 😉

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