Review: Why is the Sky Blue?

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I knew I had to review Nick Cope’s latest album when I visited his website and listened to a few taster tracks from a previous recording. My eldest daughter happened to be in the room at the time and her response was so positive I felt I must put pen to paper, as it were.

In case you haven’t heard about Nick, he was in Oxford-based band thNick Copee Candyskins when the city was producing big-name acts like Radiohead and Supergrass in the nineties. While the Candyskins didn’t have the same level of commercial success, they were very much a part of that scene and had a very committed fan base both at home in the UK and in the USA.

Skip forward a few years and Nick has forged a successful career writing music for children. Why is the Sky Blue? is his third album and it features 10 well-crafted guitar-based pop songs that will appeal to little people.  With song titles like Wobbly Tooth, Crazy Crazy Dinner Lady and Tidy Up you can appreciate the subject matter is appropriate for this age group.

The great thing about this album is that it’s very well produced and not at all saccharine, unlike many recordings for young children. My daughter loved it and insisted on making me dance round the room while it was playing. If you’re unsure about whether this is the type of thing that you little one(s) would like then I’d encourage you to visit Nick’s website where you can listen to some of his older material.

Why is the sky Blue will set you back £10 but you can buy all three of his solo albums for £25 (all prices plus P&P).

For more information and to buy Nick’s material and related merchandise go to nickcope.co.uk.

Nick kindly gave Dadbloguk a copy of his latest album to review

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