Silent Sunday 16 February, 2014

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18 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 16 February, 2014”

    1. Yeah we’re okay, thanks Tom. The same can’t be said for the houses just down the road. Not pleasant for those affected at all.

    1. Yeah, we’re fine. Can say with confidence we’ll be unaffected but we do know people that have had to leave their homes because they’ve been flooded out. Horrible, just horrible for them.

    1. Luckily we’re unaffected. The worst we face is to don a pair of Wellington boots to walk to the local shops. Alas the same cannot be said for some of our neighbours.

  1. Oh home the home didn’t get flooded.

    But why did they close the road, I’m sure a boy racer could get through it

    Thank you for linking up

    1. Mmmm. A few boy racers have charged through the flood waters. This has the unfortunate effect of sending sewerage water surging into affected properties.

      Not, however, that the racers get far. Just up the road is the military, fire service and police – all of them battling to avert a major crisis. These are testing times!

    1. Luckily, we’re okay. A huge and valiant battle is going on to save neighbouring properties. Terrible experience for those that have been flooded out.

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