What parents need to know about Instagram

Here’s a little test to see how much you know about Instagram. Did you know Instagram has a feature that enables you to restrict screen time? Did you know it uses an automatic anti-bullying filter to stop users from seeing inappropriate posts? Or that you can set filters to stop certain words and emojis appearing in your comments?

Picture of Instagram's guide for parents.
The new guide for parents produced by Instagram.
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International Men’s Day 2018: A positive experience?

I can’t pretend otherwise, it took me a long time to come around to the idea of both International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day. I found them to be slightly vague concepts and at times the debates they have created have been off-putting.

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Mary Curnock Cook, Former UCAS chief executive officer, addresses delegates at the Creating Positive Futures Conference.

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Early Man preview with DFS

Imagine if stone-aged man was introduced to the comfort of a made-to-order DFS sofa. I’m sure you’ll agree the result would be interesting. This recently happened at an exclusive preview of the latest Aardman-produced film Early Man.

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Here I am holding Hognob, best friend of Dug (holding the spear) with Steve of Aardman films. These models are film stars as they were used while shooting Early Man!

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Time to buy a second, family computer?

A dreadful moment of reaslisation came the other day. Mrs Adams was using what I consider to be my computer to look at Mumsnet, Helen was using what is definitely my iPad for some task or other, and Izzy, as a reward for good behavior, was using my mobile phone to play a game. “Yes”, I thought, “It’s probably time to get a family computer”.

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While I don’t really want to bring any more tech into the house, I think the time has come for a change of approach. Pic credit: Hal Gatewood on Unsplash.

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Family-friendly meals at Pizza Express

What do you think makes for a good, family-friendly restaurant? Helen, Izzy and I have just appeared in a video for Pizza Express as we tried to answer that very question.

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Izzy, with chocolate ice cream smeared around her mouth after finishing her meal at a local Pizza Express outlet. What do you think makes for a good, family-friendly restaurant?

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