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Family finances

What’s it like, earning less than my wife?

I often get asked how I feel about earning less than my wife and what it’s like being married to a woman who provides materially for the family. For many people it is novel to meet a couple like Mrs Adams and I, where she goes out to work whereas he stays at home and

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Family Life & parenting

A new stage of fatherhood

I was  sat at the edge of a school hall while my kids took part in a gymnastics class. When I looked around at the other parents in the room, it confirmed something I’ve been thinking for some months now: I have entered a new stage in my journey as a stay at home dad.

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Five random parenting moments

I was recently thinking about some of the more random moments I have experienced as a parent. For your enjoyment, I have listed five of my favourites here.

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Guest post; Is nursery right if you’re a SAHP?

Tracy Fletcher is author of the My Working Mummy blog, her diary of a working mum aged 44 (and counting). A relative newcomer to the blogging scene, Tracy’s blog was inspired by leaving behind a senior corporate career to be, first and foremost, a mum. In this guest post, she shares her search for a

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It’s official; stay at home dads do not exist

A couple of weeks ago I contributed to a magazine article about stay at home dads (SAHDs). I felt it was a good piece, relying heavily on the first-hand accounts of four guys who, like me, look after the children and run the household. The article also made a bold claim about the number of

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