Isn’t this ironic?

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I came across this sign while travelling to visit family. We had stopped at a motorway service station because the children needed to use the lavatory.

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A baby change facility I recently came across at a motorway service station.


I took our youngest daughter, Elizabeth, while Mrs. Adams dealt with our eldest. Although she isn’t in nappies, Elizabeth is still small and sometimes needs a bit of help. In these circumstances I always try and find a family-friendly facility.

When I found one, this sign was stuck on the door. There was a queue of people waiting to get inside; all of them dads with young children. Painfully ironic, yes?


14 thoughts on “Isn’t this ironic?”

    1. I have to be honest Sue, I would have no idea. You raise a very good point, I should have done so at the time. I fear travelling with two fractious children on a hot day, my concern was to be on our merry way ASAP. You are quite right though, I can’t simply stick this on my blog and hope to effect change, After the Bank Holiday I will raise it with the service station’s management.

    1. Yeah, I should have gone and thanked the management at the time but being mid-journey, just wanted to get back to the car ASAP.

  1. Currently going through Potty Training i have really come to understand why parents hate toilets so much. Nappies i have negotiated in the back of the car when facilities aren’t dad friendly, but with time not on our side on our first excursion to the shops i encountered a shirt stuffed down the only toilet in a McDonalds and an out of order at the only cubicle in the mens at Sainsburys. This required quick thinking and the use of the disabled toilets for me to be greeted by a tut and a sigh from a lady stood outside when we left. I have to confess I didn’t complain at either, I just groaned that we had decided to leave the house! #blinkylinky

    1. Having access to a working lavatory is iportant and never more so than when potty training. I’m afraid to sya you may get used to using disabled facilities. I used to feel guilty about it, but no more.

  2. David Shaul - DadvWorld

    It’s becoming infuriating, the lack of thought for Dads. Mindsets need to change within society, Mums and Dads are indeed equal!

    At least now with social media, blogs and vlogs we Dads have a plethora of platforms in which to make some noise.

    Good spot and well played for making a point of sharing this.


  3. It must be annoying. I remember seeing Al from the Dad Network’s video about this and it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Ah yes, Al has been in touch about this as it happens. It was just really bizarre to be in a queue made up solely of guys with kids trying to deal with their children’s needs. It was find for the mums, but not us lot sadly!

    1. Will see what I can do Nigel! All depends on the work load at the time. It was very annoying. In fact earlier today I was at a different service station with feminine signage on the door. I was waiting to go inside with my kids and who should walk out with his baby, but another father!

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