Buzzard, in the wild #MySundayPhoto

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#MySundayPhoto 17 August, 2014. A buzzard in the wild.

This week’s image is something I’ve never really attempted before; a spot of wildlife photography. It’s a bird of prey taking a rest on a telegraph pole.

I may be mistaken, but I think it’s a buzzard. If any avid bird watchers can correctly identify it, please do leave a comment!

I took the image when I found myself with a little time to kill in a hilly beauty spot. I was actually trying to take some panoramic landscape shots when I spotted this bird circling overhead. It was too good an opportunity to miss and I was incredibly fortunate when it landed on the pole a short way in the distance.

I wasn’t particularly close when I took the image, I had to zoom right in on it. The only editing I’ve done is to crop the image and remove the telegraph lines that were visible in the bottom left.

Personally speaking, my eyes are drawn to the talons. I wouldn’t want to find myself at the business end of them!

I have linked this image to OneDad3Girls #MySundayPhoto linky. Take a look and see what pictures other bloggers have taken.

11 thoughts on “Buzzard, in the wild #MySundayPhoto”

  1. Great shot. I can never find birds that will sit still for long enough or be close enough to get a shot. They’re worse than children for posing!

  2. These birds always look a bit like they mean business. They always look really impressive though. Nice pic!

  3. Great photo, I love taking wildlife photos. It always helps with a beautiful blue sky behind

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Lovely bird.
    My first instinct say those are hawk legs, and it doesn’t have dappled markings on its chest area. I suspect its a hawk,
    But I am not an expert.

  5. Brilliant photo… you must be thrilled,
    If I had to hazzard a guess John, I’d say it was a buzzard,
    We have many buzzards living in our area and they often sit on the telegraph poles surveying the area. Unfortunately I’ve never managed to get a photo because it’s a bendy country lane and I’m usually driving down the hill. Not recommended to stop and take snap shots!
    Have a great week

  6. Great shot, I always struggle with photos of birds and the timing of it all, but you have nailed it here, lovely 🙂 #mysundayphoto

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