School run dad

Are you a dad? Do you feel lost and alone when stood in the school playground waiting to collect your children? Well these blog posts are for you!

Just to be clear, mums often say they feel the same way. Dads, however, are fewer in number. Spare a thought also for the grandparents who you see doing the school run. Who goes up and speaks to them?


School run nightmares

With my kids having been at school for all of two weeks, I am already finding myself having nightmares about the school run. It is, for me, one of the most irritating aspects of being a parent.

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The school run makes me feel like this. Can you relate to my pain?

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Coming to terms with my youngest child starting school

I’m not sure if such a thing exists, but I’m suffering from a state of emotional confusion. Maybe melancholy would a better word?

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It’s hard to believe, pictured here visiting family when she still needed a highchair, has just started school.

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What dad needs to know about the school run

Every now and again, a reader of this blog comes up with a superb idea for something I could write about. I was chatting to a dad recently who did just that. Would I, he said, consider writing a dad’s guide to the school run?

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Based on my own experiences, I outline what a newbie school run dad can expect in the playground.

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Getting ready for school

It’s a frightening reality that Izzy, my youngest daughter, is just a few weeks younger than this blog. To put that in perspective, Izzy will start in reception class this September.

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picture of Izzy, taken a couple of years ago. We’re now getting her ready for school.

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The first year of school is over, and I’m one proud father

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I can’t quite believe this little mite has just finished her first year at school.

Well that was it; the summer holidays have begun and my first born child has completed her first year at school. She’s ending the academic year a very different individual to the one that trotted into that classroom one sunny day last September. I feel a certain sense of sadness because I can see her growing up so terrifyingly fast but at the same time, I’m immensely proud of her. View Post