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Gardening with the kids: We have progress to report!

As we’re rapidly hurtling towards May I thought it was time to give you an update on our gardening exploits. There is good news: things are beginning to grow.

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Success! Our potatoes are starting to grow.

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Bricoflor: a versatile flooring alternative for the garage

Mrs Adams and I have long wondered what we should do about our garage. It’s long, running the length of our house, but having been built eighty-ish years ago simply isn’t wide enough for a modern vehicle.

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Bricoflor tiles come in a variety of colours.

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Fit some roof windows and convert the loft or move house?

Mrs Adams and I have had a few interesting conversations recently. As our daughters are getting bigger, we’re wondering how much longer we can stay living in our present house.

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Roof windows can help you convert a loft into living space. It’s something Mrs Adams and I are considering.

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Making your home safer with Anti Grabbity

There’s a new kid in town wanting to keep both your home and your that bit safer. Known as Anti Grabbity, it’s a prickly, textured strip that you can place on balconies and other locations where curiosity may get the better of people.

Anti Grabbity, home improvement, DIY

Anti Grabbity has been designed to discourage and stop this kind of behaviour.

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Tips and Tricks to Create More Space in the Home

It’s a problem that many of us face and is especially concerning in the Christmas period when your home can get super busy. With friends and family popping around over the festive period, many of us wish we could magic up more space. So how can you create more space in the home? Here are some temporary and permanent ideas to help you squeeze a few more family members through the door this year.

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Imagine being able to live in an apartment this uncluttered. Pic credit: Scott Webb.

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