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Reviewed: the EverBrite solar powered security light

As I revealed a few weeks ago, we recently had a horrible experience when someone tried to get into our house while we were all asleep inside. I went to town the next day putting a number of extra security measures in place.

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Introducing the EverBrite solar powered security light from JML Direct.

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Cocoon home security system review

I have recently become more than a little obsessed with home security. This is not without its reasons as we recently experienced an attempted break-in in the early hours while we were all asleep inside our family home.

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Introducing the Cocoon home security system.

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Saving water with the SES aqKWA Savings Engine

Sometimes I fall short of the standards I set myself. One area where I know standards have slipped over recent months is use of water. It being National Water Saving Week, I was asked by SES Water and Save Water Save Money to take a look at my water usage.

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Find out how much water you are using and get suggestions for reducing your useage by using the aqKWA Savings Engine from SES Water.

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A wake-up call to improve our home security

It was silly o’clock in the morning and one of the kids was at my side waking me up. “Daddy, daddy it sounds like someone’s trying to get in to the house.” I thought our home security was pretty good so I assumed she was mistaken.

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We are taking home security much more seriously following a recent lucky escape. Pic credit: The Digital Way on Pixabay.

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Putting our house on the market (at last)

We’re 10 days into 2018. How has is it been for you? For me it has been like being a passenger on an out of control diesel locomotive, all because of a conversation Mrs Adams and I had at the very end of last year about putting our house on the market.

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The start of 2018 has been a rollercoaster as we have finally taken steps to put our house on the market.

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