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The Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool. A quality tool for the DIY enthusiast

Here’s a little question for you. What does the Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool have in common with a bridge?

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The Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool. Ideal for the DIY enthusiast who wants a really high quality item.

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Getting more natural light into the loft with roof windows

The question of storage space has once again risen its head in our household. It’s not so much lack of space, but that Mrs Adams and I keep killing wardrobes by placing too much in them.

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Imagine sitting in your own converted loft space. In our case it would only be possible by installing roof windows and it’s an option we may consider to create more storage space.

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Ryobi ONE+ cordless hedge trimmer: Up to the task?

If there’s one home maintenance task I struggle with, it’s trimming our garden’s hedges. The reason for this is that we have ginormous hedges that were very badly maintained in the years before we bought our house.

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Introducing the Ryobi ONE+ cordless hedge trimmer!

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Home improvement projects: Do they ever end?

I’m sure many of you will have had the experience of major home improvement work being carried out to your family home. How many of you, however, have started an amazing home improvement project only for it to never quite finish?

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Inspecting the un-tiled wall in our kitchen. This home improvement project was meant to finish over a year ago but it remains uncompleted.

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More turbulent times in the vegetable patch

It’s been a little while since I provided an update on our gardening activities. I have to say, it has been a turbulent time in the vegetable patch.

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Helen waters one of the tomato plants grown in organic, recycled, peat-free compost. The results from this compost have been amazing.

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