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Men Can Do It!

The real reason dads don’t do childcare and when men and women should do about it

This is a fascinating book that explores why men in the twenty first century still lag well behind women in the amount of childcare they do. In equal measures Men Can Do It! is educational, informative and inflammatory.

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Munchkin UK Powdered Forumla Dispenser

This is one of those products I’d always wanted but just never got around to buying. It’s very simple; a container with three compartments that you can store milk formula in. You simply measure the formula milk before you go out for the day and off you trot; no need to take a bulky tub of formula.

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Review: BabyBjorn Miracle carrier

Our eldest daughter was a summer baby and I used to take her out in a BabyBjorn Classic carrier all the time. I found it versatile and loved going for walks with her strapped to my front.

Skip forward a few years, our second child has arrived and BabyBjorn has very kindly provided me with one of its Miracle carriers to review. It doesn’t take long to establish that the main difference between the two is that the Miracle is sturdier, which is better for the parent, while also more supportive of the child.

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Review: Howards of Kent vodka-based drinks

HoK bottlesThis review is definitely for the parents!

I first tried Howards of Kent vodka-based drinks at a community festival last summer. I liked what I tried so was delighted when four little bottles arrived in the post the other day.

Claire, the business’s owner, had been kind enough to send Almond, Citrus Spice, Limoncello and After Dark (coffee) flavoured drinks. As soon as the children were in bed Mrs Adams and I opened the bottles and filled our glasses.

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Review: BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft

BabyBjorn’s oldest product, the Bouncer Balance Soft bouncy chair, has been given a makeover. I was lucky enough to be given an advance viewing ahead of its launch next year.

The original dates back to 1961 but the new-look chair has been given a very sleek design, as you would expect from a BabyBjorn product. It is also very light and can be adjusted to suit the needs of children from birth up to three years of age (3.5-13.5kg).

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