Learning through play with Photoshop!

There's a photo editing skill I've always wanted to learn: Changing an object's colour. That's exactly what I did to these orange, purple and pink daffodils!

The arrival of daffodils has to be the ultimate sign spring has arrived and I have been passing them in large numbers every day while on the school run. I had a few different ideas for photographing them but thought the close grouping of these flowers would give the chance to hone an editing skill that has long alluded me: Changing an object’s colour!

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My Photoshop experiment. If you saw daffodils like this at the side of the road, you would stop and take a closer look, wouldn’t you?

There are so many techniques for changing an object’s colour using Photoshop that it can be a little confusing. In fairness to myself, it’s not that I can’t do this, it’s simply a skill I’ve never perfected.

While a great opportunity to improve this skill, I mostly thought this would be fun. If you saw orange, purple and pink daffodils growing next to each other on the side of the road, you’d stop and stare, right?

It did cross my mind to make this into a tutorial style blog post. The truth is, this image bears no resemblance to the original picture. If I explained everything I have done to it, this blog post would turn into a monstrous tome the length of Lord of the Rings.

Suffice it to say, I changed the colour of the three daffodil heads, removed a fourth daffodil head that was cluttering the shot, changed the colour of the sky and blended the sky in with the horizon.

Yes, I can pick out a few areas for improvement. As I said above though, this image was made for fun. I learned a lot and improved my Photoshop skills editing this pic, but my aim was simply try it and see what happened.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, leave me a comment below. you can also let me know on most social media channels where I can be found at @dadbloguk.

2 thoughts on “Learning through play with Photoshop!”

  1. Great work, John. It’s amazing what you can do. I’ve watched a few Lightroom videos and some of the transformations are so impressive, basically taking a photo I would have deleted and making it fantastic. I still need to get a proper editing programme (I just use the one that comes with the Mac or Snapseed on the phone) when money allows.

    1. Thanks Tara. This pic was simply a bit of fun and it isn’t perfect….but I did enjoy it! I have a few more posts where I’ll be messing around with Photoshop so watch this space. And yes, I have many photos that I could delete but Iwon’t because I want to edit them and see what I can do.

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