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3 Country Kid Easter 11 April

This picture was taken on a recent family walk in the country. It’s a route we often take and it takes us past a small holding where free range chickens are kept.

Outside the smallholding is this honesty box. If you turn up at the correct time there will be a box with a half a dozen eggs and a sign asks you to leave £1.40 in return.

Whenever we walk past, Helen likes to check in case any eggs are available. That’s exactly what she’s doing here. Although we have bought the eggs in the past, we didn’t need them as we had a surplus at home, which left Helen slightly disappointed.

As a country boy (long in exile unfortunately) I feel it’s very important for my children to know where food comes from. I think it’s desperately sad that we’re all so hooked on supermarkets and convenience that we’ve lost that vital link with the land and farming community.

Little walks like this and strolls around the farms where granny lives go some way to educating our daughters about the food on their plate. I hope the message sticks.

I’m linking this to the #CountryKids linky hosted by the Coombe Mill blog. Do click on the badge to see what outdoor fun other bloggers have been having.

11 thoughts on “Collecting eggs #CountryKids”

  1. It’s so important to teach kids where food actually comes from, but I know we don’t all find the time to do it. Even myself, I must say my mind boggles when I think of the work that goes into food – especially feeding and raising animals for meat.

    1. Yup, very important to teach kids about where food comes from. I do what I can but would love to do more.

  2. mummy ms memories

    We are the exact same…. mt friend giggle at me telling my girls whilst at a local petting farm… you see that pig, what food does it make?? We usually name them bacon, or sausages, and chickens we call KFC…. sick I know, but the girls understand. I probably shouldn’t have said, you know their babies, yep you had that this morning for your dippy egg…. lol! And yes I really did say that around other parents which got a few gasps… my girls 3 & 5 understand though, and haven’t once said they don’t want to eat it because its an animal. I love the egg honesty box, we find the real free range ones really tasty compared to store bought. #countrykids

  3. It’s definitely important to teach kids where it is that food comes from, living on a farm our kids couldn’t get away from it. It’s amazing that some people really are unaware of simple things that happen around a farm. It looks like you had a great walk in the country it’s a shame that you didn’t need the eggs, farm fresh are the best. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  4. I really want to own chickens one day. I love the idea of collecting my own eggs for breakfast. I agree that children should be taught where food comes from. Looks like a lovely day.

  5. I’m with you all the way on this obviously. So nice that you’ve got somewhere near the farms to check out the offerings by gates. We see a few – usually veg/flowers from people’s gardens. My nephews used to sell eggs outside their house, but they’ve not done it for a while now.

  6. It’s lovely to see her rummaging around for the eggs & the fact that they’re left in an honesty box. I think it’s so important that children understand where their food comes from, and that we work with nature.
    Lovely photo

  7. I completely agree, it’s so important that they understand, I hate the disconnect of what they see on the supermarket shelves from the reality. I’m a vegetarian, so my kids have always been very aware of where meat comes from, although I have always been happy to cook meat for them, it’s their decision to make when they are able to. Interestingly, my 8yo chose to become veggie a few months ago, we’ll see how that goes! #CountryKids

    1. I was vegetarian for several years. I could happily live with out meat but I’m not sure it would go down so well with others within this household, haha!

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