Daddy does hair care Part 2

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After an entire school term of getting my reception-aged daughter’s hair ready each morning, a tough decision has been made. My wife and I have agonised over the issue, but we’ve concluded that Helen’s beautiful long hair is going to be cut, probably into a bob, before the start of the next term.

I may sometimes struggle with my daughter's hair care, but as this image shows, things could be much, much worse.
I may sometimes struggle with my daughter’s hair care, but as this image shows, things could be much, much worse.

The little mite has always had long hair but the demands of school dictate that it probably needs to be kept shorter and tidier. The turning point came the other day when we received her official school photo and her hair was all over the place.

It’s not the first time I’ve written about this subject. Caring for your daughter’s hair, especially if you’re a dad and never had long hair yourself, is like studying for a never-ending degree.

First you have learn the basics of hair care, then your child gets older and the hair longer and you have to learn the differing styles. As your child grows their head gets bigger and you have to constantly buy bigger hair accessories like hair slides and headbands. There is always something new to learn about caring for your daughter’s hair!

On the subject of hair accessories, I face a constant battle to buy hair accessories that are school uniform compliant. For some unknown reason, I am yet to find a high street retailer that sells plain-blue headbands or hairs slides. I just don’t understand it because the demand must be phenomenal. The only items I can ever find are the wrong colour or covered in diamantes or boast some other inappropriate feature.

I’ve learned to by-pass the high street and go straight to Ebay instead. It seems I’m not alone. I was speaking to the mum of one of Helen’s classmates the other day. Her child was wearing a very simple, plain blue headband and I asked where she got it. Sure enough, she’d had the same problems as I have and so buys all her daughter’s accessories online.

Don’t, by the way, get the wrong idea about all this. My wife and I have discussed the issue with Helen and she’s very happy to be getting a new haircut. Once the deed is done I think we’ll wonder why we didn’t so it sooner.

7 thoughts on “Daddy does hair care Part 2”

  1. As, the hair conundrum! I need to cut my dd hair too. She doesn’t want me too but we have spent the last two months scratching our heads and being treated for nits. I can’t take it any more. As for headbands, etc…I found some plain ones at H&M the other day and bought the whole lot!

    1. Thankfully we’ve avoided nits but shorter hair would help on that front I guess. Genius idea to shop in H&M, I never thought of that!

  2. My hair was always a nightmare as a child, my sons hair is wild too. I dont blame you for getting it cut especially as she’s happy too

    1. The deed is done! Expect an update on the blog later today. Just can’t quite believe we didn’t do it sooner. Her new hair looks very pretty and is well and truly out of her eyes. Should have done it ages ago!

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  4. Tom @Ideas4Dads

    Lol i have 2 girls (almost 4 and 2) and the trials of tribulations of doing their in anything under 30 minutes has proved a challenge. One piece of kit that has been a godsend has been pur TangleTeeze hair brush which are about a tenner from ebay and make the whole untangling knots and avoiding tears just about acheivable

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