Daddy Does Hair Care Pt 3: The Deed is Done

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Anyone that read my recent blog post about hair care will know that my wife and I took the decision to get our eldest daughter’s beautiful, long hair cut. I can report the deed is now done.

Helen will be returning to school today (…training day yesterday you see) with hair several centimetres shorter and with a fringe. In actual fact her hair has been like this for a few days so we’ve had some time to see what works and doesn’t. Thankfully Helen is very happy with her new hair style and my wife and I have found it much easier to keep her hair under control and looking smart.

All Helen needs is a headband and, if we’re feeling adventurous, a hairband to make a pony tail at the back of her head. Both my wife and I admitted that we should have done this ages ago.

I imagine many of you think I’m a little crazy to give so much thought, time and effort to hair care. I’m the first to admit it’s become a bit of an obsession, albeit a healthy one.

As a dad, and as my kids’ main carer, I have to tell you this is an area where I have been on a huge learning curve and there’s been a lot of trial and error. With another, younger daughter I also know it’s important I develop my hair care skills. Slowly but surely, I think I’m getting there.

At this point, dear reader, I shall sign off. I also promise that I will not write about hair care for a while. I leave you with a picture of the deed being done.

Here is a picture of my daughter's hair cut in progress. I'm sure anyone that knows me personally will find this picture very amusing.
Here is a picture of my daughter’s hair cut in progress. I’m sure anyone that knows me personally will find this picture very amusing.



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