Dragonfly resting on a riverbank

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I am sure this year I am seeing more dragonflies than ever. I suspect it’s because I’m spending more time outside with the children because the schools are closed, although I do wonder if there’s an environmental reason for it.

dragonfly resting on bank of a river
I had to balance precariously on the banks of a river to get this dragonfly image.

The dragonfly pictured here was the most obliging photographic subject. I spotted it while strolling through a nearby nature reserve while the kids played nearby. It was one of several resting on the banks of a small river.

I loved the bright blue colour of its body and wings so took numerous pictures of it while balanced precariously on the bank. Every now and again it would fly away but then come straight back to the same spot right in front of me. It didn’t seem to be remotely bothered by me or my camera.

There’s no deeper meaning to the picture, it was simply a fun image to capture of some wildlife. I’m hoping to get out and do lots more similar photography in the weeks to come.

Have you noticed much more wildlife over recent weeks? if so, do you think the lack of human activity means there is more around, or are we simply noticing the plants and animals more because the pace of life has slowed right down?

During the lockdown, my blogging friend Darren Coleshill has revived his #MySundayPhoto blogging linky. If you click on this link you can visit his blog and see imagery other bloggers have taken.

12 thoughts on “Dragonfly resting on a riverbank”

  1. Beautiful! I haven’t seen any damselflies or dragonflies this year so it’s especially nice to see your photo. The colour is amazing.

    1. Thank you Tara. The colours came out better than I thought as it happened. I wasn’t sure how they’d reproduce on the screen but it’s worked out okay.

  2. Such lovely colours, a great capture. I’ve only just returned to the UK so I’ve sort of forgotten what animals, birds and insects I should be seeing. There are a lot of pigeons, magpies and seagulls around though #mysundayphoto

    1. Oh no shortage of pigeons and magpies. In fact now you mention it, I’m sure I’m seeing more magpies.

    1. True, you would need to stroll alongside a river bank. Sure you must be spotting lots of butterflies though??

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