Eye Tests Save Lives

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Some of the worst motoring I witness is, for some reason, in environments where there are large numbers of children. The school run is a typical example. In fact dangerous parking almost seems to be obligatory.

Yesterday I was taking my daughter to her gymnastics class. The inconsiderate motoring I saw was legendary and for all the wrong reasons. Parking up in a way that blocks up four vehicles and playing on your mobile phone is not condoned in the Highway Code.

I’m not going to claim to be perfect, but I think a lot of motorists need to get their eyes tested. Statistics produced by the road safety charity Brake prove as much. Brake found that 14% of drivers acknowledge getting behind the wheel of a vehicle without perfect vision. One in eight of those questioned even admitted to driving without their glasses or lenses in the past 12 months

As it happens, this week is Road Safety Week. To highlight this event and the importance of making sure your eyes are up to the job of driving, Vision Express has joined forces with both the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and British touring car racing champion Tom Ingram. Together, they have launched a campaign called Eye Tests Save Lives (#EyeTestsSaveLives).

In support of the campaign, Vision Express is offering motorists free eye tests. You’ll need to hurry; they’ve been available all week but you can still get them today or tomorrow. For more information and to book a test, go to http://visionexpress.com.

Vision Express, the RHA and Tom Ingram have put together a video highlighting the importance of having good eye sight and driving. Why not click on the link above to watch the film? Afterwards you could visit the Vision Express website and book an appointment while they’re still available.

Disclosure; This commissioned article was produced in association with Vision Express.

4 thoughts on “Eye Tests Save Lives”

  1. Great post, spreading awareness! It’s brilliant Vision Express are giving free eye tests this week. I don’t personally drive but I do need my eyes testing as I haven’t been for years and I can imagine some motorists are in the same boat as me!

    1. It’s funny you say that. I’e often thought about getting my eyes tested because of my constant use of computers. This campaign has persuaded me I need to think about motoring and my eyesight too.

  2. That is such a great initiative! I think something like an eye test is so crucial for driving, but its definitely the sort of thing people put off so it’s great that Vision Express are offering free tests!

    Islandbell xxx

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