Flight path

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You might think it was the sunrise that caught my attention when taking this picture. It was, in fact, the vapour trails left by aircraft, all but two of them following the same flight path in an easterly direction.

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Vapour trails left by aircraft, most of them heading east.

It’s not the first time I’ve noticed this phenomena. It seems to happen early in the morning, around six am.

It doesn’t happen every day, but sometimes when looking to the sky at that time, all the air traffic is heading east. Our house has one particular window offering great views to the east and occasionally I can look out of it and it gives the slightly bizarre impression that all the air traffic is heading towards the early morning sun.

As a former travel journalist, I can be a little bit of a geek when it comes to noticing such things. If a low-flying aircraft ever come overhead, I will always take a look at the tail fin and try to identify what airline it comes from. Looking at vapour trails is merely an extension of this!

Out of interest, what caught your eye first, the vapour trails or the rising sun? I’d be very interested to know.

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21 thoughts on “Flight path”

    1. I think somewhere in the Far East. being a geek, I kinda calculated arrival times and it would make sense!

    1. Yeah, they are quite rpominent in this image. I’ve tried capturing others and it hasn’t quite worked out.

  1. The vapour trails led me towards the rising sun, as the planes are no doubt heading holidaymakers towards sunnier destinations…well at least that’s what I always think when I see an airplane!

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