Infographic; children and family finances

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How do you get your children talking about money and family finances? We try having such discussions with our edlest, but it sometimes a struggle.

Below is a useful infographic produced by specialist coupon website Vouchercodres.co.uk with ideas for encouraging discussions about money with your children. It’s been produced following a round table discussion organised by the company that I attended, with a number of other bloggers, to talk about pocket money.

I hope you find it useful. If you have any ideas of your own, please leave a comment at the end.

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I was compensated for attending the round table discussion referred to in this blog post.

1 thought on “Infographic; children and family finances”

  1. Interesting topic. I especially like the idea of number 4 and the jars. When our little bear was about 4 (now 5), we began to give her a penny for tidying, for being safe (telling us to look for the fire when smoke alarm goes off during mummys cooking!) and for being patient. Even in a year it’s encouraged her to think outside the box for different ways she can earn her pennies. Every Monday she has to put a ‘penny in the pot to make the pictures work on the TV’ for the whole week, as we all do. She even went through a phase of charging us each a penny for watching a DVD with her! And also sold some of her DVDs to us so that she could buy herself a slightly more expensive toy! Then, when she wanted to watch those again, she would either hire it for fewer pennies or buy it back for more pennies. This has all been with little interference from us, it has to be said. What’s important to myself and hubby is that she earns her pennies and can then spend them on whatever she chooses at the weekend IF she has enough, if not, she saves and learns important lessons/life skills. We’re thinking of opening a bank account for her soon.

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