Lloyds of London building

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Some weeks ago, I was travelling through London at night without my camera. I passed the Lloyds of London building and it looked magnificent and incredibly photogenic. I vowed to return to take some images of this very striking building.

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The Lloyds of London building, snapped on a very grey day on a 1/4 of a second exposure time

My wish is to go back at night time and take some long exposure imagery of both the Lloyds of London building and some of the other eye catching buildings in the city’s famed financial district. Thus far, poor weather has thwarted my attempts to visit this part of London at night. Earlier this week, however, I found myself with a little time to spare during office hours.

It was a very grey day. The lighting conditions were terrible. I simply couldn’t turn this opportunity down and so I went snap happy in the Square Mile.

I took numerous images of the Lloyds of London building. While I was n the right place, it was the wrong time. The lighting was dire. I had to mount my camera on a tripod and manually increase the exposure time. This picture was shot with the shutter speed set at 1/4 of a second.

I was fortunate enough some years ago to do a tour of the building. Inside the steel and glass skeleton is a board room that could be taken right out of a National Trust property. It’s massive and has ornate plaster decorations running all around the ceiling. It’s not what you expect to find inside such a modern building at all.

The Lloyds of London building is one that divides opinion. Some love it, some hate it. The question is, where do you stand? Is it a building you admire or one you consider to be a carbuncle? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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27 thoughts on “Lloyds of London building”

    1. Yes indeed, very perceptive. the lights are lifts running up the outside of the building. If I hadn’t done a long-exposure shot they wouldn’t be blurred.

  1. Hi John, this building looks like something straight out of a sci-fi film and quite intimidating. I’m not sure I would want to get in that lift. In fact, I’m not sure my legs would let me. How funny that it has an old National Trust board room inside!… Whilst I can admire the work gone into a building like this, I do find them oppressive and intimidating and wouldn’t be happy spending too much time in an area with buildings like this…. I do look forward to your night capture of it though. I imagine it will look totally different all lit up.


    1. The buildings in that part of London can look very intimidating. Some of the architecture gets torn to pieces and quite rightly. The Lloyds of London building, i think, was the first to break the mold. It is fantastic at night, but in the daytime does look a bit like Robocop’s helmet.

  2. Although it’s a great looking building, I’m not a fan of tall buildings. I like the older buildings that have more character. Fab shot very scary looking. #mysundayphoto

    1. It’s an odd part of London this. The old and new rub along together and the Lloyds of London is definitely one of the most famous, although not everyone is a fan.

  3. What a great building to photograph, I like how you’ve managed to capture all the different textures. Looking forward to your night capture. #MySundayPhoto

    1. Thanks Tara, there are a lot of elements to this building. Love it or hate it, it does make for a good photograph.

  4. Nice shot. I can imagine this building to be amazing on a night. All the lights and dark sky. Would make for a terrific image.

  5. That’s one intricately designed building. So much fine detail! Even with the dull weather you’ve captured it well. Is the square mile in canary wharf?

    1. Ah, no. Canary Wharf is to the east. A lot of financial activity goes on in Canary Wharf but the Bank of England has its home in the Square Mile. Anyway, yes, the Lloyds building has an incredibly intricate design.

    1. Some of the modern buildings are great, some not so great! I think the Lloyds of London building broke the mold.

    1. It’s totally different ot Glasgow. Then Glasgow ha those wide open streets built on a grid that remind me of US cities. And the Duke of Wellington with a road cone on his head.

    1. Thanks Victoria, very kind of you to say so, especially someone as good at photography as yourself! the building is fascinating, if not to everyone’s taste.

    1. Totally see where you are coming from Fiona. I have worked at similar heights, but I am a country boy at heart and like to be on the ground, rather like you.

  6. Paul @ Topsy Turvy Tribe

    I visited London as a very naive 17 year old and was totally blown over by the Lloyds building. It’s just so amazing. Nice to see it hasn’t lost any of it’s wow-factor!

  7. I’m from the Caribbean & I love the Lloyd’s building. It’s unique standing out on its own. If you see it any where published or posted you know right away it’s the Lloyd’s building without having to see the name.
    The elevators on the outside of the building it’s a bit scary but the scenery is nice.

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