London’s South Bank at night

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On Thursday night I found myself in Central London at a good friend’s birthday gathering. As I left the pub I took this image of London’s South Bank.

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London’s South Bank pretty on Thursday night.

What really caught my eye was the way the cranes were lit up. It was a very clear night and the lights all looked amazing.

I wasn’t going to post the image on my blog. My intention had been to post it solely to Instagram but it got so many likes I thought I would post it here as well.

Being so close to Christmas, I haven’t much time. The image is, therefore, virtually untouched. That said, I like the image as it is and wouldn’t want to edit it too much anyway.

I think there’s an amazing mix of lights and buildings in the picture. Does anything in particular catch your eye? I’d be very interested to know so please do leave a comment below. If you have any thoughts on how it could be edited, I’d be especially keen to hear them.


22 thoughts on “London’s South Bank at night”

  1. Hi John, it is the cranes that catch my eye too. Your photo is like a scene from War Of The Worlds… Maybe the cranes are coming to take over the planet? It looks surprisingly peaceful too. I always imagine London to be busy, never calm and quiet.

    Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas.


    1. Of all the comments left about this picture, I think this is my favourite. It is very War of the Worlds like isn’t it? Hope you had a good Christmas also.

  2. Fab photo, John. You know what catches my eye? The colour of the sky. The light pollution almost makes it look like dawn! I’m assuming you weren’t out all night. Wishing you a lovely Christmas. #MySundayPhoto

    1. No, wasn’t out all night. I think I was back home by one so not too crazy. The light pollution does make it look like dawn, I see what you mean.

    1. It has come out very clear hasn’t it? I guess that’s because I took it on a tripod with a slightly longer than normal exposure time.

    1. Haha, good questions Catherine. I’m sure teens ould enjoy them but as for affordable, that would depend on your definition of affordable.

    1. Thanks Kim, yes we had a lovely Christmas. the image does look strangely clear doesn’t it. Not too sure how I managed that!

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