Making your home safer with Anti Grabbity

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There’s a new kid in town wanting to keep both your home and your that bit safer. Known as Anti Grabbity, it’s a prickly, textured strip that you can place on balconies and other locations where curiosity may get the better of people.

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Anti Grabbity has been designed to discourage and stop this kind of behaviour.

I have seen similar products used elsewhere. It’s often placed on the top of door frames or walls to deter burglars from attempting to gain entry from a property. While Anti Grabbity also serves this market, it is wanting to be seen – first and foremost – as a safety device.

Before I go on, let me explain exactly what Anti Grabbity is. It’s a silicone strip with ‘prickles’ all along it. They are interconnecting so you can run them along, say, the edge of a balcony.

The important point to stress is that they are prickles and not spikes. If curious little hands slap them, or a bigger child pulls themselves up on top of an Anti Grabbity strip, they won’t impale themselves on it, but it will be uncomfortable.

I have, by the way, seen film footage of an adult  re-enacting a burglary. They jumped up and grabbed hold of a door frame in a bid to gain entry to a building. The frame, however, was covered in this style of material. They were completely unharmed, but let go very quickly!

Anti Grabbity
Here’s what Anti Grabbity looks like.

Antigrabbity has been used in a variety of locations where safety is key, such as cruise ships, hotels and apartments with balconies. Within the home, it can be used to run along the top of furniture such as wardrobes to stop curious little people climbing up and potentially pulling heavy items on top of themselves.

It can also be fixed  in place in a number of different ways, either permanently or semi-permanently. In other words, it can be used in rented or owned property.

There’s a host of information on the company’s website if you want to find out more about Anti Grabbity. This particular product comes from our cousins down under but it can be shipped internationally at a very reasonable cost. If interested, why not take a look and see if Antigrabbity could be the correct to keep your home and family that bit safer?


Disclosure: This is a commissioned post.

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