Margaret Thatcher goes riding on a unicorn

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Yesterday afternoon I found Izzy playing at the dining room table. She’d set up this particular scene. Yes, that is Margaret Thatcher riding a unicorn.

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This, my friends, is undeniable photographic evidence confirming that Margaret Thatcher used to go riding on unicorns.

I was in hysterics. I had to get a photo. I’m unsure what the best part of the picture is; Thatcher on the back of a unicorn or Izzy’s cheeky smile behind her.

I should explain the model of Thatcher is, in fact, a nutcracker. It was given to us a Christmas present by a close friend some years ago. The kids found it the other day and they’ve been using it as a toy ever since.

Needless to say Izzy has no idea who she is. To her it’s just a random woman. Helen, who is seven, kind-of gets that she was “boss of the Government” but we haven’t explained how controversial her time as leader was.

I have linked this image to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the marvelous Photalife blog. Do take a moment to click on the badge below and visit the linky. It showcases some marvelous photography.



24 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher goes riding on a unicorn”

    1. It is a most impressive smile isn’t it? I think she knew she’d done something very funny, even if she couldn’t quite figure out what.

  1. Firstly, I love that you have a Margaret Thatcher nutcracker. There’s many a joke to be had in that sentence…!!
    This is a brilliantly funny photo and just goes to show children don’t need expensive toys, just strange looking ones!

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