Playing in the November snow

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Toddler Adams playing in the November snow

We had some freak snow yesterday morning. It lay on the ground for about an hour and the children made the most of it.

Pictured here is Toddler Adams, just before I helped her put some gloves on, who had great fun with her sister playing while the snow lasted. It wasn’t too much longer after this shot was taken that she came inside complaining of being cold. She warmed up very quickly after having a bath.

The picture was taken on a Nikon Coolpix L820, which is a basic bridge camera. This isn’t a camera I’d normally use, but my trusty Samsung has gone into retirement and I’m waiting for my replacement Canon DSLR to be delivered (sense the excitement in the tail end of that sentence!).

The pic was taken in smart mode in colour but I flipped it to black and white. Focal length was 4mm, ISO 180, exposure time 1/30 of a second and aperture f3. I have linked this image to the #MySundayPhoto linky. Click on the link below to see more images taken by other bloggers. I hope to link up next week with an image taken on my sparkly new Canon!


23 thoughts on “Playing in the November snow”

  1. Ahh lovely pic and hope your new camera comes soon. We had no snow, I’m rather glad, we can end up getting a bit snowed indoors here!

  2. What a cute girl! Hennaed hands might be a marriage tradition, but for these girls it was just play. One of the sisters was practicing–

    1. Yes, I see why you would say that….but that isn’t the case. I’ll be honest. I asked her to throw her hands in the air to fill the frame!

    1. Ah the Canon 1000D. I think it will revolutionise my life! Surprised you had no snow. You’re not that far away form me.

  3. Great photo, I hope the kids enjoyed the snow. Before getting my own DSLR I used the same bridge camera as you, it was fantastic! Happy New Camera (when it arrives!) #MySundayPhoto

    1. Ah the Nikon L820? It’s clarity is great and the zoom function on the lens is out of this world. I have found its functionality to be a bit limited though. More to the point, the kids loved the snow!

  4. I like the photo in black and white, makes it feel quite dramatic and I suppose having snow in November is dramatic!
    We didn’t have snow but friends just 5 miles away did.. Hey ho, I’m sure our time will come!

    1. Oh I think your time will come soon enough! it does look quite dramatic doesn’t it? I hadn’t thought of it like that.

  5. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    John, she is so adorable! I love the texture in the entire image, except for her face. The smoothness draws my attention making it a great focus for the image! Love it. Did you get the new camera? I’m having a bit of envy over here!!!

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