Review: Fantastic First Time Father by Tim Mungean

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Fantastic First Time Father, 50 things you really need to know by Tim Mungean.

I’m always slightly suspicious of parenting books because there are some truly dreadful ones out there. This one, however, strikes me as one of the better ones and I find that I’m still dipping into it every now and again.

Amongst other subjects, the book covers pregnancy, birth and the “early days” following birth including returning to work, work life balance and, of course, sex and intimacy. It gives useful hints and suggestions about subjects that a first time dad would be unlikely to consider through inexperience.

For instance, the book suggests limiting visitors to the maternity ward and covers the issue of relations with your own parents changing after you become a dad. These are just two examples that hadn’t occurred to me prior to becoming a father.

A good aspect of this book is that it is very encouraging to new dads. In more than one place it states that “men are not second class mums.”

It’s written by father of three Tim Mungeam, director of Dads Unlimited, a company that helps working dads juggle their responsibilities. Mungeam is also the chief executive of child literacy charity Springboard so he is a knowledgeable and authoritative figure.

Fantastic First Time Father is much better than many other similar titles. If you’re looking for a gift for a first time father, you won’t go too far wrong with this book.

Fantastic First Time Father, 50 Things you really need to know.

£9.99, Published by Quercus, http://quercusbooks.co.uk


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