River Leach

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Here’s a dreamy picture I took on a recent family trip back to the Cotswolds. This is the River Leach, a tributary of the River Thames, flowing towards the small town of Leachlade.

river leach, river crossing
The River Leach near Leachlade in the Cotswolds. If I look at this picture for too long I get homesick!

As it happens, I’ve photographed this picturesque scene several times over the years but I’ve never been happy with the results. This time I edited it using some presets and this was the result!

It’s a lovely spot that’s right alongside a footpath. The kids enjoy splashing in the river as it’s very shallow at this point. Only thing is, if I look at this picture for too long I get a little homesick as this is the part of the world where I spent most of my childhood and call home.

Are you getting away anywhere over the summer break yet? If so, I hope you manage to make some great memories and maybe even taken a few photos.

I’ve linked this blog post to the #MySundayPhoto linky hosted by the Darren Coleshill photography blog.

13 thoughts on “River Leach”

    1. Sure is Kim. I went back the other day with the kids but they couldn’t forge the river because cows were blocking the route!

    1. It is a beautiful spot Sam. As it happens, I was there again this week and it was as beautiful as ever.

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