Short story; Joy

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This short story is being added to a few different linkys. It was, however, inspired by #theprompt linky hosted my the Mum Turned Mom blog. The prompt word was “joy”. As a challenge, I tried to see if I could write this in 100words and I’m pleased to say I managed it!


The water went blood red when she stepped into the bath, run for her by a nurse. After hours of agony, she was more than happy to relax and wallow in her own waste.

She closed her eyes. The pain, torment and upset were over.

They now had what they had wanted, what they’d wanted for years. It was something she had been unable to give.

They’d given up, IVF treatment repeatedly failing. Then it happened naturally, a complete surprise. Looking across the neighbouring delivery suite, she was overwhelmed with joy when she spotted her partner holding their newborn child.



Nikki Young Writes

Nikki Young Writes

8 thoughts on “Short story; Joy”

  1. Brilliant! The joy made even more so by the fact that it was a surprise. You even managed to get the yucky bits in too. And all in 100 words!! Thanks for sharing on #FridayFiction.

    1. Thanks Nicola. I was a bit concerned about this one. I clearly recall my wife having a bath straight after the birth of our second child but she had the luxury of an en-suite delivery room! I thought this point might be lost on some readers but you seem to have picked up on it so I’m relieved.

  2. I’m so impressed with how much you managed to convey in 100 words, both the reality and the joy of childbirth. Brilliant! Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt and sorry for taking so long to comment and share, the weekend got away from me!

  3. I think it’s brilliant writing practice to try and stick to a word count. I like the fact the baby arrived even after IVF had failed, it definitely coveys joy – and hope too.

  4. This captures that precious time after birth. I think a lot of people forget about how wonderful the bath feels after all that hard work, or how much it makes your heart swell when you see your partner with that baby.

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