Smiggle Back to School Giveaway #AD

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If you have pre-teen children, you’ll probably be all too familiar of the ‘Power of Smiggle.’ My kids love Smiggle and can’t walk past one of its outlets without dragging Mrs Adams and I inside.

A dinosaur-themed pencil case from Smiggle’s ‘Budz’ Back to School collection.

With the end of the school holidays just a few weeks away in most of the UK, many mums and dads are thinking about buying school supplies. One lucky reader of Dadbloguk will get some help with this.

I have teamed up with Smiggle to run a #BackToSchoolWithSmiggle giveaway. Someone will win a £50 voucher to spend online or in store. All you have to do is enter via the Gleam that you will find below.

Before getting on to that, however, what can you expect to find in the new back to school range? This year, Smiggle has added its Budz collection to the range and it is huge!

You’ll find pencil cases, stationery, backpacks, lunch boxes and drinks bottles along with headphones and plushy toys. Each of the Budz has their own character. There is a dinosaur, a couple of unicorns, a cat, a shark, a robot, a bunny rabbit, various patterned designs and so on. There is something in the Budz range for everyone.

One of the unicorn themed pencil cases from Smiggle’s ‘Budz’ range.

As you might expect from Smiggle, it’s all very brightly coloured and looks very appealing. Even I’d like to have some Budz stationery in my home office! You can explore the range in store or online by following this link.

Not so keen on charatcers? The Budz range also features patterns, like the one on this easy to clean water bottle.

I hope that you will take part in the giveaway. It’s very simple to do so. Enter via the Gleam. You can leave a comment below explaining what you like about Smiggle or retweet a tweet.

Entrants must be 18 or over and resident in the United Kingdom. Competition closes at 11pm on Monday, 24 August. A winner will be chosen at random via the Gleam app and they will be notified via email.

I wish everyone who enters the very best of luck.

264 thoughts on “Smiggle Back to School Giveaway #AD”

  1. Smiggle is ace but a father’s nightmare ???? my girls were introduced to It by their cousin a few years ago.

    Mouse has around 6 pencil cases, 4 backpacks, 3 water bottles and god knows how many of their scented colouring pencils and gel pens ???? she has a slight Smiggle addiction.

    Great giveaway John ????.

  2. My daughter and I both love Smiggle, we love the varies designs and styles, the school bags they have are fantastic! Very unique, quirky and funky! The stationery is lovely too, long lasting and the scents are scrumptious!

  3. As a stationery addict, I’m as bad as the grandchildren when I get in a branch of Smiggle. I love their colour changing pens, I could spend all day “helping” the grandchildren to use them.

  4. As a stationery addict, I’m as bad as the grandchildren when I get inside a branch of Smiggle. I love their colour changing pens, I could spend all day “helping” the grandchildren to use them.

  5. Mike the dino hunter

    My toddler loves smiggle stuff. Bright, engaging and always fun! I think she would love a couple extra smiggle bits with this voucher.

  6. My 8 year old daughter loves Smiggle, bright and cheery stationary!! who doesn’t love a new note book and pen?!

  7. My grandkids are never keen on school, but a bit of smiggle bribery works quite well – new smuggle stuff, if they agree to go to school to show their latest smuggle stuff off x

  8. I wouldn’t say they are cheap, Smiggle bits and pieces are usually reserved for birthdays or xmas, but the products they stock are of great quality, with fun designs and colours. Whenever we head into town, we always have a little look in-store. The one thing we buy every year is a new bag for the start of the new school year, she loves turning up at school with a new Smiggle bag with a little furry thing attached.

  9. Their products are long lasting, my oldest son has had bits from there for a long time and they’re going strong.

  10. My kids love smiggle and their products make me smile too. Let’s of things I would have loved to have as a child that I like to get for my kids.

  11. I love the designs and how colourful they are. They also come out with some quite unique products like the mermaid shell lamp they had a while ago, offer great sales and often have something to suit every budget.

  12. holly harmsworth

    Smiggle has a great range and variety to suit all. My children get excited about shopping with them even if it does mean going back to school

  13. I’m going to be honest, I find their products overpriced and their shops way too small BUT my daughter is obsessed with the place. The only plus I can think of is their stationery is unique. Times are tough atm and she start a new school soon which is the main reason for me entering this giveaway. Want her to feel comfortable at her new school so if that means her having this stationery to keep her happy, I’m all for it!

  14. Smiggle has lots of fun and interesting products for kids which are enjoyable and exciting to play with and own.

  15. My daughter loves Smiggle stuff, she had these smelly gel pens before and wrote no end of smelly letters to her friends

  16. Jennifer Rhymer

    My little girl LOVES Smiggle, she’d happily spend the whole day in the shop! I love that lots of items are scented, they’re bright and have lovely designs. I also love how they have ranges for boys & girls

  17. Nadia Josephine

    I love the amazing range you can get from Smiggle! I usually get something for my nephew from there as a treat like a star wars water bottle!

  18. Rebecca roberts

    We love that it’s very unique and they last forever my daughter got a pencil case 3 years ago and it’s still going strong well worth every penny

  19. Caroline Shepherd

    Bright, fun products which are catnip for kids. Takes me back to my own school days and my collection of erasers!

  20. Victoria Prince

    I love how bright and colourful their products are, with lots that appeal to the senses from more than just a visual point of view (and their name and origin of it always makes me smile!)

  21. Zoe Trelfa-Porter

    Smiggle sell bright, fun and different desirable goods that are very appealing especially to my children

  22. kayleigh Robinson

    I love how colourful their designs are, my daughter absolutely loves smiggle and we can’t walk passed the store without going in for a look!

  23. Their products are incredibly bright, fun and useful and the children cannot walk past a store without insisting we go in to browse.

  24. I love the designs, the colours and the innovative products they have. Also everything smells so good in there!

  25. my two young grandsons alway want to go in the smiggle shop and have a look if i buy them something it really makes their day

  26. Its the stationery i dreamed i could have had as a child – so now i buy it for myself as well as the children

  27. Can’t wait to have a look at their back to school range, I know my niece and nephew are anxious about going back in a couple of weeks, a £50 voucher would be prefect to settle the little ones nerves

  28. it’s like a candy shop but for bags and school stuff love the bright colours and different designs and everything has matching stuff 😀

  29. Lyndsey cooksey

    I like the durability of the products. They are hard wearing, meaning they last a long time, unlike the cheaper products. The colours are great too

  30. Claudia Carroll

    Smuggle reminds me of being a kid. I used to love smelly rubbers and fun pencil cases. Now my boys do too.

  31. The products are really bright and appealing to children so tend to be well looked after, at least by my kids!

  32. Charlotte Hoskins

    My daughter loves all the bright colours and the fact that everything smells – even the things that aren’t meant to have a scent do!

  33. I love all the quirky and unique stationery they sell. They also have a fab range of gifts and often get my little girl stocking fillers for Christmas.

  34. Violet Phillippo

    They are really fun products that my friend’s children love to go and choose from. I like that there are big products but also individual items that a child could buy with their own money.

  35. My daughter loves all the bright sparkly bags and pencil cases!. I personally love their waterbottles and lunch boxes. amazing quality too

  36. A visit to the Smiggle store is like a visit to Aladdins cave – everything is so wonderfully colourful. My grand daughter loves it too!

  37. The range of colours and creativity with the scents are great, plus I love the gel pens for mindful colouring with the kids

  38. Oh everything! It reminds me of when I collected scented erasers as a kid and how excited I used to get in the last weeks of the summer holidays when my mum used to kit us out with new stationery. I still have a thing for pens and notebooks and now get excited on behalf of my own children every August! LOL

  39. I love the unique, eye catching designs. I also love that they have a wide selection for boys too, usually with stationary and other related items I find they are aimed at girls but my son loves smiggle just as much as my daughter does

  40. As well as the pretty designs & vibrant colours I like that the bags withstand the constant wear & tear they are put through on the school day.

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