Introducing Snowy the Snowman

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This is Snowy the Snowman, built by my daughter last Sunday. There were tears when he melted.

Last Sunday we woke up so snow. It was surprisingly deep and I hardly need to tell you how excited my daughters were when they woke up and saw it.

Helen, my eldest child, made this little snowman. She called him Snowy.

As the snow melted during the day, she insisted in covering him in bubble wrap to insulate when. Alas, her efforts were unsuccessful and their were tears on Monday morning when she woke up to find a pile of wet bubble wrap, a carrot, twigs and stones where Snowy had once been.

The shutter speed was 1/60 of a second, aperture f5, focal length 35mm and ISO 100. I can’t deny it, this image has been edited to within an inch of its life as it was difficult to get Snowy’s body to stand out from the background. I’ve increased the exposure and used an effect new to me, focal colour, to bring Snowy to the foreground. You’ll notice he is in clour, but the background is in black and white. I’f be interested to know if you think it works?

As it’s Sunday, I have linked this image to the #MySundayPhoto image hosted by the Photalife blog. Click on the badge if you wish to see awesome photography from a wide variety of other bloggers.



24 thoughts on “Introducing Snowy the Snowman”

  1. What a perfect little snowman 🙂 we had about 7 snowflakes followed by about 7 hours of ‘do you wanna build a snowmaaaannn’ followed by ‘no, there is no snow.’ 🙂 I love that she tried to keep it that is so cute and a shame it didn’t work! If I had the money I’d get a walk in freezer to preserve our snowmen 🙂
    Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. It was sort of perfect snow we had really. Enough to build a snowman but not enough to hand around until Monday and for the schools to close!

  2. The edit works well, John. Snowy looks likes a slightly dishevelled Olaf! Sadly we didn’t get any snow here this week – maybe next time.

  3. John I too am learning about increasing exposure, I need to experiment with it this week. Ah how sweet that she tried to wrap Snowy in bubble wrap, I love how excited kiddies get about snow, saying that I do too x

    1. Thanks Sara, was the the first time I’d tried that particular effect. Shooting something snowy with a snowy background was difficult.

  4. Well done with the edit – funnily enough I wrote a blog post about white on white and black on black last week. That is so cute that your girl tried to bubble wrap him! Love that his head seems to be crooked! #mysundayphoto

  5. I love the innocence of believing you can bubble wrap your snowman!
    My children are so jealous of anyone who had snow – we are still waiting for ours and it doesn’t look like it’s on its way.
    I hope the tears weren’t too prolonged

  6. Love the snowman and I quite like her thinking with the bubble wrap as an attempt to stop him melting. It is sad that they do have to melt – my two were trying to think of ways to stop their snowman melting (although admittedly “he needs a coat to keep him warm” was probably not the best plan!) – thankfully we didn’t have too many tears when he did melt.

    1. Yeah, I see the problem with the “applying a coat” trick. Bit of an Olaf thing going on but it was obviously well meant!

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