#liveLAGOM and sustainable living; the story so far

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We have the whole world in our hands. Leading a more sustainable life need not involve a massive effort, as I’m finding out.

Late last year I was selected to take part in a project run by IKEA called #LiveLAGOM (read all about it here). The aim was very simple; to take steps to lead a more sustainable life.

The first step of the project was to visit an IKEA store and select items that would assist my family to live more sustainably and reduce our impact on planet Earth. We’re now a couple of months into what is a long-running project. In the blog post and vlog below, I ouline how thing are going and the steps we have taken to improve our lifestyle

Participating has been a bitter/sweet experience. Bitter in that I was always someone who took their environmental responsibilities very seriously. Working on this project has made me realise just how low my standards had slipped since I became a dad and life got very, very busy.

Not, you understand, that I’m blaming the kids. Merely that priorities changed. To quote Paul McCantney “What does it matter to ya, when ya got childcare to do?” This was an issue for my wife and I to rectify.

Sure, I continued to recycle and regularly spoke to my kids about how we need to look after the planet. We also drive a car that can go from Surrey to Scotland and still have fuel in the tank. We also take steps to reduce our food kilometres.

That, however, was it. Involvement in the #LiveLAGOM project has made me appreciate there were so many simple steps we, as a family, could and should be taking.

Let me, however, rewind for a moment. Participation in the project has coincided with two other events in this family’s life. Firstly, we are getting a new kitchen installed. As part of this work, we have already had a modern, super-efficient combi-boiler and central heating system installed.

Having the boiler installed meant we had heating engineers in our house for several days. One of them inspected our loft and remarked about the appalling state of the insulation. I was informed the roof is the biggest source of energy loss in most houses. The engineer suggested I call British Gas, who will insulate your house for free if the present insulation is below the latest standards. I made the call and a British Gas surveyor is visiting next month to assess our situation.

Truth is, I knew the state of the insulation was very poor. I also knew there were schemes that could provide households with free insulation. I had never bothered to look into it as I merely assumed it would be assessed on income and that my family wouldn’t qualify. Participation in #liveLAGOM has got me thinking about these issues much more.

In addition to the new heating system, we also received an update from our energy supplier. It outlined our energy use for the previous year and predicted our energy use for the forthcoming 12 months. It was shocking. Within a year our electricity usage had increased almost 1.5kWh a day. This is enough to boil a kettle roughly 13 times.

Things have had to change. Thanks to my involvement in #LiveLAGOM, the entire house has now been fitted with super-efficient LED light bulbs. We’re also taking other steps to reduce our electricity use.

Our gas consumption was also unacceptably high. This, however, was largely down to the fact we were relying on the outdated central heating system that has been replaced. It was well beyond its prime and wasn’t working properly.

Even so, using steamers and saucepan separators from the IKEA range, we will be able to further reduce our gas use. We’re also reducing our water use and, by growing food to eat, reducing our reliance on supermarkets while also educating the children about food production.

So why has it been a sweet experience? I can see the error of our ways. We’re also taking affirmative action to improve our lifestyle and reduce our environmental impact. I feel guilty my family hasn’t made a greater effort until now, but at least we’re back on track.

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11 thoughts on “#liveLAGOM and sustainable living; the story so far”

  1. Oh goodness that is a good cause I never believed that the earth was dying due to global warming until a few years back when I realized that the winters in South Africa they are not as cold as they were when I was growing up.

    Awesome read #brillantblogposts

    1. Thanks Moipone for commenting. It really makes it real when you can physically see or experience the difference global warming makes doesn’t it?

  2. I’m really enjoying reading how the bloggers involved in this are striving to be more sustainable as part of this campaign. Definitely some food for thought here. Thanks so much for linking up to #coolmumclub honorary mum John!

    1. Ha ha, I often get called “mum” these days. Quite amusing actually. Anyay, #liveLAGOM has given me lots of food for thought.

  3. It is amazing just how much of a difference good insulation or a properly working combi-boiler can make to energy consumption. Our combi-boiler was in a poor state (our landlord hadn’t had it serviced in three years) – our oil bill was huge and the house always felt cold regardless – but last year it was pretty much rebuilt. The difference it has made is huge – not only has our fuel usage dropped by a third, our house is consistently warm and the boiler itself is working far more efficiently. Xxx

    1. Woah….I used to be a landlord and absolutely no way would I have left my property’s boiler un-serviced for three years. Try explaining that if it started pumping out carbon monoxide. Anyway, our house is now warm, the mould we were experiencing has vanished and (I assume) our gas usage has also dropped. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Our household is on a a very similar journey and it’s amazing how the little things can add up and start to impact on the environment and our financial pockets. Since the children have become more ‘independent’ going upstairs on their own, turning on taps to wash their hands etc we often find that they’re never turned off. So we’re constantly on their case (in a good way) but I really do think that’s part of why our expenses have risen – and because we has such a hideously old boiler/heating system which was at least 25 years old!

    I also found switching off chargers and using rechargeable batteries for all those toys is another way to do your bit for the environment and save yourself a bit of dosh!
    Good luck with the project

    1. Thanks Tracey and good luck with your journey. I fear I have found running taps many a time; painful when you pay for water by the litre! Word of advei for you; buy an Owl. It monitors your power usage throughout the day so you can see how much you spend my the moment. Wow does the tumble dryer use a lot of energy.

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