Sunset over the English Channel #MySundayPhoto

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#MySundayPhoto, My Sunday Photo,
Sunset over the English Channel, #MySundayPhoto, 10 August, 2014

This week’s image is not for landlubbers. It was taken on Wednesday evening when Child Number 1 and I were returning from a day spent in Calais.

The weather on the return leg was glorious. I couldn’t resist taking this image when we took a brief stroll up on deck. I could have stayed on the deck for the entire journey but my daughter wasn’t too keen on the wind so we headed back inside once I’d got my photograph.

When I edited the image, I wasn’t too sure whether to leave the ferry in the picture or crop it out. In the end I decided it should stay as it adds context. For those that love detail, it was taken from aboard the P&O Ferry Pride of Canterbury.

The picture was taken using dusk mode. I edited it using Picmonkey and put it through the dusk filter (this heightened the halo effect around the sun). I also increased clarity and sharpness slightly. I experimented with the exposure settings but nothing really worked so I left them alone in the end.

I’ll be doing a write up of our trip in the next few days. Expect to see some more photos when I publish the post..

I have added this post up to OneDad3Girls #MySundayPhoto linky. I thoroughly recommend sailing over there and taking a look to see what pictures other bloggers have taken.


13 thoughts on “Sunset over the English Channel #MySundayPhoto”

  1. I love this picture, I feel most at peace when I am near water and on the worse crossings to Ireland I still like to be out there on deck. You captured a lovely shot and glad you left the ferry in. The dusk mode is a cool effect.

  2. Lovely shot. Think the ferry definitely works being in shot. It’ll be interesting to read about your trip – usually you think of booze cruises when it’s a day trip to Calais!

  3. mummy ms memories

    I really like it… especially as you kept the ferry in, reminds me of our sails across the English channel on the ferries on the booze run near xmas and start of summer with my parents… #mysundayphoto

  4. I love this photo, I prefer it with the ferry as like you say it adds to the story

    Thank you for linking up

  5. What a great shot, I like the way you have edited it, it is so calming being on the sea and that is the feeling I get from this photo. We were in Hythe on holiday last summer, and just didn’t get around to going over on the ferry, which I regret, this has just jogged my memory for a must do with my girls. #mysundayphoto

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