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Changing career direction because of Fatherhood

Dad has a job and is the main earner for the family. Dad’s industry becomes ever more competitive and he has to make a greater effort to earn the same amount of money, while also balancing this with fatherhood. After a while, it becomes a bit much. What does he do?

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A new stage of fatherhood

I was  sat at the edge of a school hall while my kids took part in a gymnastics class. When I looked around at the other parents in the room, it confirmed something I’ve been thinking for some months now: I have entered a new stage in my journey as a stay at home dad.

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When your children get too big to carry

As much as I fly the flag for equality in parenting, there are certain, physical realities between men and women that society will never overcome. For instance, it will come as no surprise to you that I never breast-fed either of my daughters. Conversely, however, Mrs Adams has never lifted the children up and carried them

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