Should children wear make up?

To many dads with daughters, make-up is a complete mystery. I include myself in this. As the only man in my household, I am at a great disadvantage. With my kids having reached an age where they’re getting curious about make up, I increasing find myself in a position that leaves me confused. Why confused? Well, I am not sure children should wear make up yet I find it amusing because it’s often funny when they do.

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Set the challenge of applying make up to daddy’s face, here is Helen’s effort.
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Cyber security Q&A with David Emm

A little while ago, I received an email. It was one of those messages that instantly caught my attention. It was from cyber security specialist Kaspersky. The email quoted research stating 87% of parents would fit stairgates in their home to protect their children, but only 13% use online security systems. That, however, wasn’t all.

David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kasperky answers my questions about online security.
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Managing screen time and getting creative with Apple

Managing your children’s screen time and encouraging constructive use of the Internet is, in my opinion, one of the biggest challenges mums and dads face. Apple recently invited me to a couple of sessions to talk me through its
parental controls and family sharing capabilities. I was also loaned a couple of its devices so I could set up Family Sharing myself and experience first-hand how its products can be used constructively and creatively.

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Here I am, striking a pose as I get to grips with Apple’s Family Sharing and discovering what apps can be used to get your kids using their screen time constructively.
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Coming down the tracks at speed: The teenage years!

It may be a cliché, but your children really do grow up incredibly fast. I can clearly remember the day when my eldest daughter was born 10 years ago. A decade later, we’re rapidly hurtling down the tracks towards the teenage years and it’s happening at frightening speed.

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Choo choo! Oh yes people, we’re hurtling down the tracks towards the teenage years and it terrifies me.
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A Dad’s Guide to Periods #Pads4Dads

You might think that, being a man, I have never used a sanitary pad. Well, you’d be wrong. It happened once and the circumstances were a little unfortunate to say the least.

The Dad’s Guide to Periods that’s been produced by Hey Girls.
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